PosterousL.pngI'll set up a group posterous to aggregate SGC (student generated content). (I've done this before for teacher workshops.) This space can also be used to Hand-in work, and share resources w the class. A few nice things about posterous: It just works. Everything you email to posterous as an attachment (photo, video, document, PowerPoint, whatever) is automatically displayed interactively on the site and all the content can be downloaded and remixed at will. It might be a good place for students to collect and share digital artifacts created while learning or working together on projects.

Setting Up A Posterous

From your email account compose and send an email to There's no need for anything in the subject line or body of the email

A Posterous account is now created

You will receive a confirmation email from posterous. (Note: this takes about 30 seconds to happen)
Open the mail message and look for the link “click here to set a password for this site”

In your just created posterous account name your posterous site

Record the name of your site

Skip the find friends and invite friends steps and you’re done.

Your account is still unconfirmed.

Go to your email account, you should see a confirmation email. Open it.
The link to click on says "click here to confirm this email address"

Login to posterous if you are not automatically taken there.

Click on the "my posterous" tab near the top of the screen to see your posterous page.